Zoom Horvath: Owner of Live A Great Story

  • Name: Zoom Horvath
  • Age: 25
  • Job Title: Owner of Live A Great Story  
  • Job Description: Spread inspiration
  • Location: San Diego

Tell me about the path that led you to where you are today. What was the inspiration behind Live A Great Story?

Live A Great Story is the result of years of trying to figure out the right combination of following my passions, using my super powers, and making a difference. The inspiration came from traveling, meeting people from across the world, and understanding that we all walk our own path and only we can choose how to move forward. We share cool stories from cool people doing cool things to inspire people to progress in their own path.


Tell me more about the different elements of the company.

We just want to spread inspiration. We all have different stories, varied backgrounds, we’re all in different places and we’re all headed in our own unique direction. We believe we can be inspired by everyone’s story. So we really just spread good energy, collaborate on cool ideas, share fun stories and spread #liveagreatstory as far and wide as possible.

How and when did you come to the realization that you could make a living from it?

Live A Great Story has evolved organically, growing to satisfy the needs of our community. As the community grew, the brand needed to grow as well.

The entire first year of Live A Great Story, I also worked full time as a barback. Long days at coffee shops turned to long nights at work. As Live A Great Story grew I realized that in order to reach full potential, I had to give it 100 percent. I realized I needed to burn my ships and put myself in a situation with no other option than full speed ahead. That was about 3 weeks ago!

What’s the goal with Live A Great Story? What do you see it becoming?

Our mission is simple: spread inspiring stories, collaborate to create unique experiences, and make a difference in the community. As it grows we just want to do these 3 things on bigger and bigger playing fields.


Tell me about your daily routine.

It’s hectic. I subscribe to the idea of “run as fast as possible and course correct.” Barbacking into the late hours of the night only to wake up and sit at a coffee shop was chaotic and hard to manage. Now that Live A Great Story is my main focus I’m working to get more scheduled and organized. I’m looking forward to starting each day with a short run, meditation, and nice cup of coffee.

In just months you’ve created a recognizable brand. Tell me more about the marketing strategy.

Guerrilla from the start! The idea was to get as many people to see it as possible. Most people don’t even know “it’s a thing.” But if they see it wheat pasted on a bridge, then on a shirt, and then on a sticker or online, they’ll inevitably look it up. And then they find out what we’re about and what we’re doing and they are stoked! So often we have people say “I see this everywhere! I didn’t know it was a thing.” That’s what we want.

The idea was to inspire people to keep moving forward in their own path. If your crushing it at work, health, and relationships and feeling on top of the world and you see our “reminders” out in the world, we want you to think “hell yeah, that’s what I’m doing.” Or if your feeling down, just got fired, just broke up with someone, you see the “reminder” and think “pick your head up, keep moving forward.” That’s why people of all ages and backgrounds relate.


Did you have a backup plan in case this didn’t work out?

Nope! Live A Great Story is not, not going to be a success. As a brand it’s already impacted so many lives and we’re just getting started. If we can keep making a difference (and we plan to for a long time) then we’ll still be the same success level, just further along the story.

Failure is seen as a scary thing but as long as we pick ourselves up and keep moving forward, there’s no real failure, just learning experiences.

What’s been the most rewarding part of building a business from scratch?

Finally finding something that wakes me up every morning energized, keeps me up at night thinking, and makes a positive impact in the community.

What aspects of your job do you dislike? What is the biggest sacrifice that you’ve had to make?

I love it all. Seriously. It’s definitely not easy but everyday I get to think about how to build my business, make a difference in the community, and connect with inspiring people.

Did you make any mistakes along the way that you think could have been avoided? What would you have done differently (if anything) to ensure a faster path to where you are today?

Building a business, like life, is an art. There’s no right way, we just have to do it, to act on it, to move. We learn as we grow. There’s not much I would have done differently but a lot of things I wish I did better, but that’s only in hindsight.


Question from the last interviewee: After reaching all your goals in your career someday, do you think you will be truly happy and glad you have spent the time getting to where you are?

I like to believe I’m on a never-ending path of learning and that my career is just a major part of this journey. And as long as I continue to grow and learn I’ll look back and think it was a great journey, just as it should have been. It couldn’t have been better or worse, it simply was, and I gave it my best. It’s not a destination but the journey. All I can do is ask and answer questions, moving forward, not to anywhere specifically, just moving. Great question!

What one question do you want the next interviewee on People With Cool Jobs to answer? (You can ask anything!)

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